Wine Appreciation Class

I previously wrote in my livejournal blog site of how much excited I am in our Beverage Management Class.  We were already done in Module 4 : Sherry, Port and Madeira and next friday we are to taste aromatized wines.  

From our previous sessions, we’ve tasted 2 red wines, 1 white wine, and 1 rosé wine: 

Gato Negro, a 2010 white wine (Sauvignon Blanc) from Central Valley, Chile ;

Louis Chatel, a 2003 red wine (Cabernet Sauvignon) from Languedoc-Roussillon, France ;

Sunrise, a 2009 red wine (Merlot) also from Central Valley, Chile and;

Mateus, a 2009 rosé wine from Portugal,  with their alcoholic content ranging from 11-13%


Sparkling wines :

we had F.B. Dumont, white sparkling wine from France; Martini Asti from Asti, Piedmont, Italy and Novellino from Italy also.

 Fortified wines:
Don no.1 Medium Dry Sherry and  Offley Tawny Port.

 I’m not really that used to drinking alcoholic nor carbonated beverages. But, I genuinely appreciate this class. It’s just really interesting to learn about how these wines were made. How everything, the soil, climate, grape variety, process, techniques, region, vineyard management, & winemaker’s style, contribute to the quality of the wine.  From harvest until the wine is served, every step is being carefully done. Little by little, I also get to differentiate the difference of a wine made in New World countries from a wine made in Old World countries. How the OW countries are very traditional, their “sense of place”, the “terroir” while the NW countries are flexible and innovative. It’s really fascinating and fun.


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