First Function: Pista sa Dapit-Hapon

 I couldn’t believe that our function was finally over.:) The function really operated smoothly.:) After all those sleepness nights with my groupmates, it was all worth it.

            We arrived early to prepare for the function. We even had a class before it. So, we started preparing at 10am, right after our first class. This was the entrance to NIML, where we held Pista sa Dapit-Hapon. The function is part of our requirements in HRIM 104. The class is divided into groups and is given different regions in Philippines. My group got Northern Luzon. Our group focused on festivals as our theme. Since I was the DR Manager, I was in charge of the dining area, including its design and the staff.

This was the transformed dining area of NIML. Since our theme was festival, (Panagbenga, Sinukwan, Mango festivals) we tried to show each through the props we’ve purposely made for this event. There were lots of people who came and supported our function. We were very thankful to the students, professors, family and friends who enjoyed the dining experience with us.

I was especially proud of my first artwork.:)  It was the painting on the left side, the painting of the flower. My reference there was the painting I saw from I was inspired to make the bathroom really beautiful and elegant. It was my first painting and I thought of it as my gift for myself as I finished painting it during my birthday (Aug 19).

I was really thankful for my group mates because we really worked hard to make your dining experience wonderful. This is something I will always remember for the experiences I had before, during and after the function.

Sorry for the blurred picture but this is the only picture we had during that day.

I’ve learned a lot because of this.

As for a group to function well, each has to cooperate, communicate and coordinate with each other.

And because we experienced the hardships together, our friendship got stronger.