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blissful memories :)

blissful memories :)

blissful memories :)

Happy 1 month to us Winnie bhie! 😀 =))) one month has passed and we’ve created already a lot of memories. I’m so thankful that we are together in this journey. I couldn’t ask for anything more. God has been so generous for giving me you as my friend and for even giving me more new friends (아빠, 언니 & 오빠, 할아버지, 삼촌). 고맙습니다. 반갑습니다.:))

we are so blessed to have them who are so kind and friendly. Even we’re in a foreign country, through the people we’ve met, our friends and professors, we became familiar and comfortable. We are learning a lot of things from them which will broaden our perspective. ♥

Especially, I want to say “Thank you so much” 감사합니다 to the people we’ve met and helped us! 😀 Especially, to our lovely korean friends who have been so kind and accommodating from the start. You give me inspiration and happiness. 🙂 *.*

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한복 <3 삼겹살 <3 팥빙수

Yeo Jin 언니 brought us to her mother’s store (korean traditional cloth =Hanbok) 🙂  All the cloths are very beautiful. I tried three different hanbok.:)

 Thank you so much Yeo Jin 언니! <(^^<) HUG! 😀

thank you din엄마 for dressing us up.:) hihi.:))

Yesterday, I went to traditional house. Now, I tried their traditional dress.:P sobrang saya ko lang.:P haha! dati, napapanuod ko lang sa mga traditional drama, ngayon, napupuntahan ko na rin.:)) awww.. i will always remember this experience. 🙂

This is what you wear when you’re getting married.:)

This one is my favorite.:)

Then we went to a street near Chonbuk University 병주 오빠 & his friend Logan. As we were walking to the samgyeopsal store, we passed by a game zone, and i saw this doll staring at me. :p haha! 😀 So cute! 🙂 it seems like it’s telling me “go and play to win me! “


i fell in love with samgyeopsal! Victoria f(x) introduced samgyeopsal to me. After watching the WGM khuntoria, I really want to try that samgyeopsal. And it was really delicious!! 🙂 i want more!! 😛

From the first time I stepped my foot in korea, i was craving for samgyeopsal. So, i was really happy that we tried it! 😀


This day was even more special because I ate it with good friends.:D

After eating, we went to the game zone! 어떻게? this “radish doll’ is sooooo cute!! omo! (¬‿¬) “인형주세요”!!

After that, we ate again and spent the whole night chatting.

Then, we ate again.

So much eating for today.

This is 팥빙수.

A korean version of Halo-halo .:P

Fruits. Ice. and everything nice! 😀


The last thing we ate together were different types of ice cream.

I’m so full that day. And so happy as well.:) i like the flavor of the shooting star! 😀 ❤

We went home at 12:30 am. HAHA! :))

Thank you so much for this day!!!

한옥 마을 <3

JuYoung 오빠 and Sang Eun 언니 brought us to Hanok Village. :))

Everything is so beautiful in here. I want to live in a place like this.:p It is my dream to live in a palace someday like Dong-yi and Queen Seon Deok 🙂 HAHA! 😀 who knows? it might come true.:) Living here in Korea is a dream come true anyway.

I only see this kind of book in dramas. Sometimes, I want to read this book (thinking it would make me smarter like dong-yi) .:P haha.. How i wish I could take this home with me. 😛

And of course, their beautiful map.:))

We also tried making this one. 🙂

TA-DA! *.* 😀 It was really fun, but you have to be careful though. You have to do it carefully so that the ink will even out in the paper.

Then, we went to the writer’s club.:P HAHA! Finally, I experienced writing in hanji paper.:)  와!! 주영 오빠 & 상은 언니 한옥 마을 translated what I want to write in hangeul.:)

“Michelle was here in Hanok Village. I want to create beautiful memories. I’m happy.

상은 언니  loves주영 오빠 “

A very cute stone indeed. (^^)

“Everyone smiles in the same language”

We went to the museum of fans 🙂 Jeonju’s logo is a Hapjukseon (traditional folding fan) 😀

They’re all so beautiful! & 뽀로로!!

“아프냐? 나도 아프다.”

We went to a hanji paper store where everything was made with hanji 😀 AWESOME!:D Then, they bought us this notebook. YEY! 감사합니다! 🙂


We ate at a Korean Restaurant! 🙂

너무 맛있어요! 떡볶이, 김밥, 만두, 김치 😀 너무 행복 해요!!

감사합니다! ❤

I love studying! :D

공부 (study)

안녕하세요! 😀 어떻게 지내세요?

I’m living here in Jeonju for almost 3 weeks now. How fast it is!!! 😀 i really am enjoying my stay here. There are lots of new things I’m learning everyday from my korean friends.:) I’m learning to speak Korean slowly. I know it will take time for me to be able to speak the language well. But, I’m sooo willing to learn. I’m really studying hard. 😛 

I don’t know why, but the atmosphere here is making me study even more. Koreans are very hardworking. They study very well. They prepare everyday before each class. So, it is really inspiring to see them how much they want to learn. Because a lot of times, I get tired and lazy to study. Sometimes, I neglect the importance of education. Now, I also enjoy studying because of them. This is the only time where I have to study and prepare in advance for a class because I want to be able to help them and share them what I know and understand. It’s all about sharing knowledge with each other. It’s a different feeling to study for others. 😀 They might think they are the ones learning from me but it’s the other way around. I am learning so much from them. I will never really forget this experience. I’m taking this opportunity to develop my confidence, especially in speaking in front, since there are lots of reports in our class. So, this experience is really helping me. 😀 I’m so blessed and I’m forever thankful to my friends and professors here in Jeonju University. 😀 =))

A Place for Superstars :)


Yesterday, we registered and enrolled for our classes in Hotel Management Department. We met a very nice guy. He was Mr. Lee Dong Gun from CIEE. He was a very busy person but he spent a little amount of his time to help us. I really really really appreciated that.:D He helped us a lot for he speaks English well. So he was our mediator, sort of translator also.:) :)) He also drove us around the school a bit. We were really blessed to meet him.:) On our way back to the dorm, we asked why Jeonju was named as the place for Superstars. He explained, “because JESUS IS SUPERSTAR”. That reason was more than enough. JESUS WILL ALWAYS BE THE LIGHT. Also, he added, that Jeonju wants to raise or mold superstars (students), not the type of superstars we know like artists/actors, but to develop the students’ personalities (socially, ethically, etc) . It’s really a privilege to be here. I know I will learn so much more from this experience. God is really good. He’s very generous. His grace is immeasurable.Even if we don’t deserve it a lot of times. We actually don’t deserve all of this but He is soo goood that He keeps on providing us everything.

Today, we had our first formal Korean Language Class level 1. When Winnie and I came here, I only know few Korean words so it was really hard to communicate. I can read but I can’t translate it into english. But we were still able to understand them through their body movements (action speaks louder than words). A lot of times, we are limited to do some things since we can’t express ourselves fully in Korean. But after this class, I realized we came here for a really good reason. We came here to grow, to develop more our personalities, to gain new friends and experiences and to become superstars. These are things that cannot be taken from us.

We also met our Professor in Culture and Tourism, Ma’am Cura. She took us out for a dinner and toured us around also. She was very very nice. She’s also a Filipino. That’s why I love our country, our people. Filipinos do help each other. :)) We went out to have dinner then we dropped by at the church which has an english mass and we walked to the Home Plus to buy some stuff. I really had a great time. Things are going well here. I’m really grateful for all the blessings God has been giving us.

I’m also excited to take Professor Shim’s class. He is also a very nice person. He gave us a warmhearted welcome.:) He told us that if we need anything or if we have questions, we can always go to him. He has been taking care of us since we came here. He’s always worried about us and I appreciate that.

The people here are very nice, very welcoming and friendly. I will take this opportunity to grow and gain more confidence, gain new friends and make good and lasting relationships.

Sometimes, we may always think we’re limited. But if we think deeply about it, our limitations became opportunities for us to grow. These are just few of the things I will learn here in Jeonju.:)

Life without Boundaries :)

This is my first time to travel by plane! :)) yey! i’m really excited! =)) This is also my first time to be living away from home and living on my own.

(I sound so independent huh? ) I’m really more excited and nervous at the same time. Everything will be my “first time”. I met a friend in the airport before boarding the plane, but she’s going to Hong Kong.

This is the view from my window.:)

It’s more fun in the Philippines. 🙂

I should invite my Korean friends to visit our country.:) I’m sure they will love and enjoy their stay in the Philippines. 😀 Well, I think I should also explore the Philippines. I want to go to Palawan and also stay at Bella Roca in Marinduque. HAHA>:) i’m a tourist in my own country. 🙂 😛

Actually, what I’m doing now here is observing the flight attendant. (because I want to become a flight attendant if only i was a bit taller) Anyway, so she demonstrated everything in the safety instruction card. hehe.:P

I took quite a few photos. It’s sad to travel alone. No one will take the picture for you. ahaha.:p just kidding.:))

CLOUD>:D i can reach the heavens above.:))

This is my boarding pass. I was quite expecting it would look like a brochure or something like I saw in movies.:P

of course I won’t miss checking out the restroom.:)

i wonder where’s the trashcan?:)))

i was browsing the magazine and saw this! :)) Nothing really is impossible with the kind of technology we have right now.

After I think 3-4 hours, we arrived at Incheon Airport. I was just following the flow of people.:) haha>:D ’cause I don’t really know where to go.

This is really nice.:) hehe.:D this is the train going to the arrival area in the airport. I’m not sure how it’s called.    After getting my luggage, I searched immediately for Mr. Lee. haha. it was actually funny how I approached him. I only saw the University sign because someone is blocking my view. So, I went near him to check if he’s holding Jeonju university sign.  I’m really thankful that he waited for me. He bought my ticket and we waited for the bus to arrive. At the bus waiting area, there were two Chinese students. They thought I was also Chinese so they speak Chinese to me. They find out I was a Filipino when Mr. Lee told them. Hihi. So, we took the bus going to Jeonju. It was 10:30 pm. The buses here were really on time. After four hours of travelling by bus. I actually had fallen asleep during the trip. I arrived at the Core Hotel at around 2:00 am. Mr Yoo picked me up and drove me to Star tower dormitory. On our way to the star tower, we were trying to talk to each other. He doesn’t speak English much and I can’t also converse in Korean. haha.:P People here are really nice. I’m really grateful to them especially to the guard and the caretaker who opened the door for us since it was already 2:30 am when we arrived there.

Good bye! 😀 잘자요! 😀