Life without Boundaries :)

This is my first time to travel by plane! :)) yey! i’m really excited! =)) This is also my first time to be living away from home and living on my own.

(I sound so independent huh? ) I’m really more excited and nervous at the same time. Everything will be my “first time”. I met a friend in the airport before boarding the plane, but she’s going to Hong Kong.

This is the view from my window.:)

It’s more fun in the Philippines. 🙂

I should invite my Korean friends to visit our country.:) I’m sure they will love and enjoy their stay in the Philippines. 😀 Well, I think I should also explore the Philippines. I want to go to Palawan and also stay at Bella Roca in Marinduque. HAHA>:) i’m a tourist in my own country. 🙂 😛

Actually, what I’m doing now here is observing the flight attendant. (because I want to become a flight attendant if only i was a bit taller) Anyway, so she demonstrated everything in the safety instruction card. hehe.:P

I took quite a few photos. It’s sad to travel alone. No one will take the picture for you. ahaha.:p just kidding.:))

CLOUD>:D i can reach the heavens above.:))

This is my boarding pass. I was quite expecting it would look like a brochure or something like I saw in movies.:P

of course I won’t miss checking out the restroom.:)

i wonder where’s the trashcan?:)))

i was browsing the magazine and saw this! :)) Nothing really is impossible with the kind of technology we have right now.

After I think 3-4 hours, we arrived at Incheon Airport. I was just following the flow of people.:) haha>:D ’cause I don’t really know where to go.

This is really nice.:) hehe.:D this is the train going to the arrival area in the airport. I’m not sure how it’s called.    After getting my luggage, I searched immediately for Mr. Lee. haha. it was actually funny how I approached him. I only saw the University sign because someone is blocking my view. So, I went near him to check if he’s holding Jeonju university sign.  I’m really thankful that he waited for me. He bought my ticket and we waited for the bus to arrive. At the bus waiting area, there were two Chinese students. They thought I was also Chinese so they speak Chinese to me. They find out I was a Filipino when Mr. Lee told them. Hihi. So, we took the bus going to Jeonju. It was 10:30 pm. The buses here were really on time. After four hours of travelling by bus. I actually had fallen asleep during the trip. I arrived at the Core Hotel at around 2:00 am. Mr Yoo picked me up and drove me to Star tower dormitory. On our way to the star tower, we were trying to talk to each other. He doesn’t speak English much and I can’t also converse in Korean. haha.:P People here are really nice. I’m really grateful to them especially to the guard and the caretaker who opened the door for us since it was already 2:30 am when we arrived there.

Good bye! 😀 잘자요! 😀


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