A Place for Superstars :)


Yesterday, we registered and enrolled for our classes in Hotel Management Department. We met a very nice guy. He was Mr. Lee Dong Gun from CIEE. He was a very busy person but he spent a little amount of his time to help us. I really really really appreciated that.:D He helped us a lot for he speaks English well. So he was our mediator, sort of translator also.:) :)) He also drove us around the school a bit. We were really blessed to meet him.:) On our way back to the dorm, we asked why Jeonju was named as the place for Superstars. He explained, “because JESUS IS SUPERSTAR”. That reason was more than enough. JESUS WILL ALWAYS BE THE LIGHT. Also, he added, that Jeonju wants to raise or mold superstars (students), not the type of superstars we know like artists/actors, but to develop the students’ personalities (socially, ethically, etc) . It’s really a privilege to be here. I know I will learn so much more from this experience. God is really good. He’s very generous. His grace is immeasurable.Even if we don’t deserve it a lot of times. We actually don’t deserve all of this but He is soo goood that He keeps on providing us everything.

Today, we had our first formal Korean Language Class level 1. When Winnie and I came here, I only know few Korean words so it was really hard to communicate. I can read but I can’t translate it into english. But we were still able to understand them through their body movements (action speaks louder than words). A lot of times, we are limited to do some things since we can’t express ourselves fully in Korean. But after this class, I realized we came here for a really good reason. We came here to grow, to develop more our personalities, to gain new friends and experiences and to become superstars. These are things that cannot be taken from us.

We also met our Professor in Culture and Tourism, Ma’am Cura. She took us out for a dinner and toured us around also. She was very very nice. She’s also a Filipino. That’s why I love our country, our people. Filipinos do help each other. :)) We went out to have dinner then we dropped by at the church which has an english mass and we walked to the Home Plus to buy some stuff. I really had a great time. Things are going well here. I’m really grateful for all the blessings God has been giving us.

I’m also excited to take Professor Shim’s class. He is also a very nice person. He gave us a warmhearted welcome.:) He told us that if we need anything or if we have questions, we can always go to him. He has been taking care of us since we came here. He’s always worried about us and I appreciate that.

The people here are very nice, very welcoming and friendly. I will take this opportunity to grow and gain more confidence, gain new friends and make good and lasting relationships.

Sometimes, we may always think we’re limited. But if we think deeply about it, our limitations became opportunities for us to grow. These are just few of the things I will learn here in Jeonju.:)


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