blissful memories :)

blissful memories :)

Happy 1 month to us Winnie bhie! 😀 =))) one month has passed and we’ve created already a lot of memories. I’m so thankful that we are together in this journey. I couldn’t ask for anything more. God has been so generous for giving me you as my friend and for even giving me more new friends (아빠, 언니 & 오빠, 할아버지, 삼촌). 고맙습니다. 반갑습니다.:))

we are so blessed to have them who are so kind and friendly. Even we’re in a foreign country, through the people we’ve met, our friends and professors, we became familiar and comfortable. We are learning a lot of things from them which will broaden our perspective. ♥

Especially, I want to say “Thank you so much” 감사합니다 to the people we’ve met and helped us! 😀 Especially, to our lovely korean friends who have been so kind and accommodating from the start. You give me inspiration and happiness. 🙂 *.*

전주대. korean culture.great new friends.hanok village. hanbok. samgyeopsal.chicken.soju. soundofahungrybird. kilig moments. epic washingmachine. ref na cr. microwave na elevator. ref na window. centralized aircon environment. adventure trip sa bus. nambubulabog na ate sa gabi. funny and crazy moments together. 🙂


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