Hotel project = Eat project :P

The first meeting I had with my groupmates, we ate a lot of food.:D HAHA! =)))


This is Jina, Su-Jin and Choongman. 😀 They’re my lovely groupmates in Hotel project class.:D


I love the food!! ❤ 맛있어요!! :)) We ate 탕수육, 짬뽕, 짜장면, 만두 😀 =))

ImageI’m the happiest person on earth! 😀


Group Picture! 😀

Then, I also had lunch with Jina the other day. We ate 쌈장, 콩나물, 김치, 파절이, 삼추, and 볶음밥!! Oh my! I think I’m going to gain a lot in here! 😛

The next meeting we had, we ate again in the same restaurant. 😀


Jina, winnie, I and choongman 😀


me and Choongman 😀

After eating delicious meal, we went to Vero Espresso to have some coffee. The place is really nice and comfortable. The interior design is beautiful and really creative.

The cups, mugs, kettle, and bottles are so lovely and cute!!! ;D I wish to take it all home with me! haha! :p

I love the concept that people can share their thoughts and put their memories on the wall.:) many people went here and wrote their stories on the wall. Of course, I wouldn’t let the chance to pass so I wrote on the same wall.

I had so much fun today! I’m really glad that I met them. 😀


We had another meeting. We usually meet on Tuesdays. 🙂 We ate the sandwiches that Jina prepared for us.:D aww.. So sweet! :)) Then, choongman bought us drinks.:)) I love MILKIS! 😀

Since my camera was broken, I wasn’t able to take pictures of our dinner one thursday. 😛 Hihi.:P I will post many pictures again soon! :))


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