Happy Easter everyone!

The cross of Christ shows us that God’s love is of deepest descent…
universal distribution and of eternal duration. 🙂

These are the pretty and cute designed eggs from the church.

After the mass, we passed by this beautiful mugunghwa, the national flower of Korea.:) It’s so beautiful! 😀 The flower’s English name is Rose of Sharon, which is also used to identify classes of hotels in Korea.

“In Korean, mugunghwa means “immortal flower.” The flower’s tenaciousness, seen it’s ability to survive even insect attacks, makes it an appropriate symbol for country that has fought throughout history for it’s very existence. Despite wars and occupation, the Korean culture and people have persevered and endure.”

I also tried making a flower. With the help of hyun mi (i’m not sure with spelling of her name) .:D this is the one i made!! 😀 It was easy to do but the leaves are quite confusing to fold.

These are the flowers which other people made. I also put mine in here. I really enjoy making crafts.:)))

I also want to be a volunteer ever since. I want to be able to reach out to the people and make them happy. I want to live with purpose.

Visit their site mannamintl.org 🙂


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