Jeonju’s Cherry Blossoms <3


Cherry blossoms are only short-lived but they make a lot of people happy. They bring out the best in people and create a lot of beautiful memories to last for a lifetime.


They’re so beautiful that I couldn’t take my eyes off at them! 😀


Every year, Koreans await the blossoms and will gather in parks, zoo, streets, and festivals with their friends and loved ones to celebrate the season.  Koreans love Sakura very much. And I fell so much in love with the same flower.

It is a wonderful thing that many trees can be found here in Jeonju University. I don’t have to go too far just to see a cherry blossoms.

Cherry Blossoms are carefully planted and they grew in Springtime. They typically bloom and fall within a span of one to two weeks. That is the beauty of nature. Cherry blossoms in full bloom is very beautiful. Yet, falling flowers is not a sad thing. They gracefully fall like they’re dancing. It’s beautiful to watch them even when they’re falling for they create a carpet of thousands of petals. ❤

“I will surely go back and give back. “


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