makgeolli and chips under the cherry blossom tree :)

Today’s a good weather to bond with your friends and classmates. The winter just ended ushering spring. It’s the season wherein cherry blossoms bloom so beautifully. You can feel the warmth of the sun and the cool breeze of the wind. It’s so nice to take a break on a regular class day. Who would think that we’re going to spend the morning drinking, eating and chatting?

Today, we didn’t have class under Professor Shim. But, we had our picnic together just outside the Peace Hall. It was fun! 😀 재미있었어!! just drinking, eating and chatting together. Though most of the time they speak in Korean, it’s fine with me. Because, that’s how they can easily understand each other. And I love and enjoy listening to them when they speak. I want to know how they pronounce Korean words.:P It’s a good way to learn to speak Korean.:D :)) I really really want to learn their language so much. 😀 Everyday, I’m learning new words from my friends and also I’m learning about more of their culture.:)ImageImage




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