13th Jeonju International Festival (JIFF) :D

I, Winnie and Kus rode the bus to gaeksa to meet Injun 오빠, Jim and Jina 언니 😀 It was funny because Kus didn’t know what bus number to take. He told us that he goes there with a friend so he didn’t know. But, we knew better than him because Winnie and i frequently visit gaeksa. 😛 His voice was also really good when he speaks. It was husky but very pleasant to the ear. His voice was like Heechul of SJ (if i’am not mistaken) 😛

When we arrived there, we met Hyun Ji. She was a volunteer of JIFF. She’s also from our department.








While they’re busy searching for a good movie to watch, I’m also busy taking pictures 😛Image




Jina and her WiFi pose

We originally planned to watch a JIFF movie but there was no good movie to watch so we decided to watch avengers instead! 😀 =))) So, while waiting for the showing time, we went to eat at a korean restaurant.ImageImage

We ate dukbokki 떡볶이 (korean spicy rice cakes), 순대 sun dea and 튀김 Twi-kim.:P

Kus was so funny and he really enjoyed our jokes.:P we experienced “Extreme happiness” if I were to describe it. We were laughing all day non-stop.:P Then we went to the Cafe. Almost all the employees working there are from the Hotel Department. It was really cool. I wish I could work there for part time too.:P Hihi..:) ^^


The cafe was really nice and very comfortable. The interior design was good for leisure time. You are free to do whatever you like.

ImageEverywhere you look, it has JIFF on it, from pens, tissue napkin, walls to window glass. A really best way to promote JIFF is to let people know about it.


This was the pen I wanted (because it’s green) which Jim got for me. haha! 😛



Kus, I, Winnie and Jim


서현 and JimImage It was a fun and cool movie! Hulk was the best among them. He can fight with the big creatures. 😛  While we were watching the movie, Jim fell asleep. haha!! because he was too tired from work. It was an expensive way to sleep though. haha :p just kidding. 😛 then, we went back to have coffee again at the cafe. We received a great service from Hee Young 오빠  He’s also from our department. He gave us free chocolates! yey! 😀 I want to thank them so much for this day! 😀 I really had so much fun with them! It was a great day full of laughter and happiness.:D ❤


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