Tambayan (Koren version)

Just because we were so bored and we don’t have anything to do. We went to the road where we always pass by when we do our grocery at lotte mart. 🙂 It’s a peaceful place where one can rest and relax their minds. It’s a comforting place to be.:) When I was there, I was thinking of the past, what could have been this place like 300 years ago.:P Korea has really preserved their culture and traditions because of this heritage spots.



The red sun 🙂

Just like in history books. The sun represents their King.. the blessings from Heaven.:)



This picture would be perfect if I was wearing a Hanbok. 😛


 eating my milk ice cream.:P


Playing around.:D :)))


I’m not sure about the meaning of this but it talks about the Jeolla province and its cities.:)


They even have this cute sink made of stone.:)


In a small city like Jeonju, it unfolds the wonders of nature, the historical past and the rich culture of Korea. There are still so many beautiful places to see. Two awesome months has already passed. A lot of beautiful memories were made. I met a lot of friends, each with unique personality.

There’s nothing more I can say but to be thankful for everything. 😀



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