Blue sky in my eyes :)

I usually start the day in front of my laptop computer not noticing that it’s already late in the evening because of watching korean dramas and PLL. But since classes were finished and summer is already up, I went to my favorite spot in the dormitory, the 4th floor wooden deck, for a change.:) Since I was, I believed, busy with studying (putting a wink face here 😉 ), I didn’t have the chance to actually stay there for a long time or at least stay as much as I want.

It’s a beautiful evening to just stare at the sky and be mesmerized at how the sky is so blue. This picture is not edited. It captured how I actually saw it.  It’s surreal, almost like a painting. I would spend my time looking up the sky until it turns grey as it slowly darkened in color and the stars will shine upon me.

Back in the Philippines, I didn’t much have this time to just appreciate the beauty of nature. 😉 I’m the type of person who’s active in participating in many activities so I usually go home late.

I wake up very early and arrive at school in the morning (cause I don’t like being late), then after school or in between, sometimes, we have activities in the organizations I’m member with, then I have training at 5-9pm. So, I will be home  before 10pm, eat dinner, study for a while then sleep. I sleep at 10pm if I don’t have anything to watch on tv. That’s how busy my lifestyle is.

But here in Korea, I don’t get to do much. My lifestyle is very laid-back here. I get to read books as much as I want. I’ve read HP books for the 2nd time. I’ve read books I haven’t read in the Philippines. I can write and update my blogs once in a while. I get to do a lot of things that sometimes I don’t know what to do next or which one to do, so I’ve also watched all kinds of dramas and movies to kill time. Above all, I can sleep early like from 8 -10 pm or sleep very late. Haha! But still I prefer to sleep at 10pm.;))

So, this is the view from my room.:)  I can see everything up here.:) It’s pretty good, isn’t it?


McDo & Baskin Robbins

After eating at McDonald’s, we went to a really cool place–Baskin Robins  with our Korean friend. Before she has to go back to her hometown in Gunsan for summer vacation, she gave us presents, a traditional lucky/fortune bag and a handmade mirror made by her mom. How sweet and thoughtful! I’m really thankful to have a friend like her. She’s someone I can share anything with.  We sometimes talk about love life and we can talk about anything especially when we’re both bored.

Btw, the rightmost side in the first picture on the upper left of the collage is my favorite flavor of ice cream. It’s called “shooting star” :)) Baskin Robbins is now on my favorite list!!