Language in Real Life

I was reading a random book in the university library, I don’t remember the name of the book, but I remember clearly what’s written on it.

“Being in another country and among native speakers gives you the need to communicate. Gradually, you will start to catch new words and expressions, start to pronounce the language the way you hear it.”

I think that this is mostly true for us language learners. If we are living in the country where they speak the language, it’s natural for us, to be able to speak to them in the the language they understand. It’s much more easier for us to be able to communicate, speak and write the language, because we have the need to do so. And we can also practice with them being the native speakers themselves.

Whenever I hang out with my Korean friends, I always listen to them, how they say things, how they pronounce words, and adapt that kind of speaking behavior. What my friends usually tell me, or text me, or even message me on facebook, i also started to use those words i hear/see in the same way how they used it. That’s pretty how much I learned to speak, write and understand Korean in just 3 months. I’ve got great friends whom i can talk to anytime. 🙂