Rainy Day **

On a rainy day, KG and I decided to eat ice cream at the famous Icecreamist store. Sadly, when we arrived, there’s a long cue waiting already so we just ate at the store next to it, the “Fancy Crepes”.

It’s a small store where it can accommodate only up to 8 people (sitting comfortably). The ambiance is quite cozy and refreshing. We ordered mango cheesecake and nuts over nutella. Although the food presentation isn’t as nice as i expected, it’s cute enough to pass with some scribbles on it (smiley and our names). We were the only ones there so we had a long time to chat and read magazines, especially the book my friend Aimee gave me, and took many pictures. HAHA πŸ™‚

Fancy Crepes is located near Mini Stop Maginhawa Street Quezon City. πŸ™‚ It’s a nice place if you want to just chill and chat with a friend.:)