Captured in a box!

You might not know, I was busy with school and other activities, so I wasn’t really able to update my blog.

So, here’s the story. I was looking for a place to stay with less people and a Wi-Fi, and there I saw a cute little store in Barrington place.


The place is called The Cake Box Dessert Cafe. The store is located at the 2F of Barrington Place along Congressional Avenue. It is pretty in pink, and displays good-looking cakes you wouldn’t want to eat because they’re too pretty to eat. Those pretty displays caught my attention that’s why I decided to stay there. Definitely a must try because the slice of cake we ordered was delicious. I prefer the cake than the cupcakes because they’re kind of too sweet for me. We stayed there for about 4 hours, as I remember. I was doing my thesis and at the same time catching up with my high school friends. The connection (Wi-Fi) was pretty fast, just got some problem connecting at first. They turned off the Wi-Fi around 10pm, probably because we were the only ones left there and it was near closing time.


These photos were taken during my first and 2nd visits in the cafe. Because there are few people who visit there, and usually they have takeaways, I feel more comfortable to do my own stuff. I just want to have a different ambiance so I decided not to do my homework at home.


Also, what I really like here is the interior design. The store may be small but feels spacious enough. The seats are comfy but the table is too high for the couch, or because I’m petite. Haha! Anyway, my 2nd visit was good. We ordered pasta and a slice of cake, and used their Wi-Fi as well.  We had a great time staying in the cafe. Will surely visit here again with my friends.