First Trip this year!

We celebrated Sam’s 1st birthday in McDonald’s. This cute little girl is my friend’s niece. She’s really cute and so pretty, right?

Isn't she lovely? :)

Isn’t she lovely? 🙂 (Photo credit: Moi)

Right after that, we just decided to go on a road trip to Tagaytay!

We went straight home after the celebration. I brought some clothes and jacket with me. Then, while we were on our way to Tagaytay, they’ve decided to stay there until tomorrow! Lots of surprises, huh?

We arrived in Tagaytay in the evening. It was reaaaaallyyy cold. January hasn’t been this cold! We were trying our best (wearing our shorts and skirts) to walk against the strong winds. The coldest temperature recorded in Manila was I think about 15-16 degree Celcius! I felt like I was in Korea again, that Autumn feels.

We had our dinner at RSM Lutong Bahay, a restaurant with an overlooking view of Taal Volcano.  Everywhere you look, the restaurant is nicely decorated.  The combination of the plants and the wood furniture of the lounge, sofa, dining table and chairs gives a natural ambiance. It is very s pacious and can accommodate around 150 people. It has second floor but we weren’t able to explore it.

photo credit: Moi

photo credit: Moi

RSM serves delicious and affordable Filipino cuisine. One order ranges about 200-400 pesos and can serve for 3-4 people.  We ordered just enough for the six of us and our bill reached at least 1k.  Plus, they gave us free Bulalo soup! Since we ate here for dinner, we can’t really see the taal volcano. So, if you want to appreciate the view, I suggest that you visit during lunch time.

We ate inside the bahay kubo.

After having our tummies full, we proceeded to our next stop -Ate Julie’s house. We stayed there for the night, had some drinks and continued with our non-stop stories.

Get to bond with our new friends while enjoying our drinks and the cold weather!

Get to bond with our new friends while enjoying our drinks and the cold weather!

Our day 2 / next adventure will be posted soon!


Starting to fall….

It rained today in Seoul, the last rain of the summer season and it’s now officially fall.:) It’s getting colder by day and night. The leaves are starting to turn into yellow. 🙂

This is the road I always pass by going to my class 🙂 So, along the university there are many (은행나무) eunhaeng namu :)) 날마다 걸어서 교실에 가요. 기분이 좋아요 ^^

The four seasons are vivid. You know when it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter. And the rain is like the signal that another season will begin 🙂 That’s the magic of nature.:)

God’s sweetest timing! :D

This month’s really full of blessings! 🙂 I’m deeply overwhelmed.

On the first day of August, we received our allowance that we weren’t supposed to have! It was truly a blessing. It wasn’t part of our scholarship contract at all. But truly God provides! So, I went on with the plan to have a new hair cut and perm it when August arrives. So here is my new look!! :))


God keeps on blessing us every day. One after another, great news keep on coming. This is such a big blessing!! This is too much for me to handle alone here in Korea, so I’m sharing it with you guys. I’m expressing myself now through writing ;)) We, (UP street members in the Philippines and all over the world and all the Filipinos out there who showed their full support for the teams) were more nervous than the teams representing Philippines and our Savior, Jesus Christ.:) After hearing the news from Sir J (Jerome Dimalanta, founding member of UP Street), all were really emotional because God, again, fulfilled His great plans for all of us. Our hearts are overflowing with joy and tears of joy :)) Truly, His timing is the sweetest of all. Nothing would ever beat that.



Photo by John Salangsang of Pacific Rim Photovideopress ©Pacific Rim Photo Press. All rights reserved.


photo by Sir J 🙂

Photo by ate Kel 🙂

All the teams did so well representing our country and God. I wasn’t physically there to support them, but my heart and my prayers are always with these people.:) UP Streetdance Club and The Crew (lovelovelove you), A-team, Legit Status, Fresh flow, Tha Project, LSDC Street and the Philippine All Stars! You may not know me personally but you guys are my inspirations! 🙂 Hihi, i’m a fan girl. I watch your videos on Youtube. I also want to improve my skills not only in dancing but also to grow spiritually.:) I remembered my first audition in UP Street. I didn’t quite expect to pass the auditions, but God has already made the plan even before I decided to audition. It was truly a blessing. And I say, I’m definitely truly blessed to be a part of this family. He has keep on blessing this family which has blessed other people as well. Thank You, God, for this kind of opportunity to represent You and inspire people through dance even I myself is inspired. 🙂 Truly an honor! 😀


Sending all my love and support to the Philippine teams! You guys have worked so hard and poured out so much effort, passion and your heart in your every performance on stage. I’m so happy and super proud for all of you! :’) HUG <(^^<) To God be all the glory! 😀

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. (1 Corinthians 10:31)

Adult Division:
GOLD: 7.39 points: THE CREW Phlippines
SILVER: 7.30 points: Neutral Zone Mexico
BRONZE:7.26 points AOV USA
Varsity Division:
GOLD 8.09 points: Sol T Shine Japan
SILVER 7.79 points: Sorority New Zealand
BRONZE 7.35 points: JB Star Varsity Japan
Junior Division:
GOLD: 7.44 points: Bubblegum New Zealand
SILVER: 7.39 points: Flip Canada
BRONZE: 7.24 points: Onizawa ikka Japan
MegaCrew Division:
GOLD: 7.91 points Royal Family New Zealand
SILVER: 7.62 points GRV USA
BRONZE: 7.43 points UP Street Dance Club Philippines

I want to add this promotional video of The Crew because I really enjoyed watching it.:) “Don’t drop that thun thun ah”

This is our facebook page:)

and The Crew’s

Blue sky in my eyes :)

I usually start the day in front of my laptop computer not noticing that it’s already late in the evening because of watching korean dramas and PLL. But since classes were finished and summer is already up, I went to my favorite spot in the dormitory, the 4th floor wooden deck, for a change.:) Since I was, I believed, busy with studying (putting a wink face here 😉 ), I didn’t have the chance to actually stay there for a long time or at least stay as much as I want.

It’s a beautiful evening to just stare at the sky and be mesmerized at how the sky is so blue. This picture is not edited. It captured how I actually saw it.  It’s surreal, almost like a painting. I would spend my time looking up the sky until it turns grey as it slowly darkened in color and the stars will shine upon me.

Back in the Philippines, I didn’t much have this time to just appreciate the beauty of nature. 😉 I’m the type of person who’s active in participating in many activities so I usually go home late.

I wake up very early and arrive at school in the morning (cause I don’t like being late), then after school or in between, sometimes, we have activities in the organizations I’m member with, then I have training at 5-9pm. So, I will be home  before 10pm, eat dinner, study for a while then sleep. I sleep at 10pm if I don’t have anything to watch on tv. That’s how busy my lifestyle is.

But here in Korea, I don’t get to do much. My lifestyle is very laid-back here. I get to read books as much as I want. I’ve read HP books for the 2nd time. I’ve read books I haven’t read in the Philippines. I can write and update my blogs once in a while. I get to do a lot of things that sometimes I don’t know what to do next or which one to do, so I’ve also watched all kinds of dramas and movies to kill time. Above all, I can sleep early like from 8 -10 pm or sleep very late. Haha! But still I prefer to sleep at 10pm.;))

So, this is the view from my room.:)  I can see everything up here.:) It’s pretty good, isn’t it?

Supermoon :)

Quite have the advantage of living in 16th floor.:) I was able to take some pictures of the super moon though they were kind of blurry. These are the best shots I’ve got. 🙂

ImageThis is the closest one I can get.:)


ImageThis is the kind of view I see through the windows of our room.:)  Such a beautiful city, isn’t it? 🙂

Tambayan (Koren version)

Just because we were so bored and we don’t have anything to do. We went to the road where we always pass by when we do our grocery at lotte mart. 🙂 It’s a peaceful place where one can rest and relax their minds. It’s a comforting place to be.:) When I was there, I was thinking of the past, what could have been this place like 300 years ago.:P Korea has really preserved their culture and traditions because of this heritage spots.



The red sun 🙂

Just like in history books. The sun represents their King.. the blessings from Heaven.:)



This picture would be perfect if I was wearing a Hanbok. 😛


 eating my milk ice cream.:P


Playing around.:D :)))


I’m not sure about the meaning of this but it talks about the Jeolla province and its cities.:)


They even have this cute sink made of stone.:)


In a small city like Jeonju, it unfolds the wonders of nature, the historical past and the rich culture of Korea. There are still so many beautiful places to see. Two awesome months has already passed. A lot of beautiful memories were made. I met a lot of friends, each with unique personality.

There’s nothing more I can say but to be thankful for everything. 😀


Great news are coming! :D

Today, I received a message from my friend, Injun 오빠! :)) He got accepted to work in Grand Hyatt Singapore! wow! 😀 축하해요 오빠! ^^ He was so happy that he treated us to cafe bene just in front of our dormitory. We went to eat gelato ice cream.:D mmm… 너무 맛있다! ^^

We had a very nice chat. I saw in his face how happy he was. It was the same feeling I got when I received the news that I got accepted to study in Jeonju University. I couldn’t believe it at first. I was having mixed emotions, I was happy, sad, excited and all. But I knew it was a blessing from God. 😀 =))

Then, YoungSang 아빠, Yong-ho 오빠, 어진 언니 came and joined our conversation.:P It was really a great news to celebrate! 😀 Then Professor Shim also came to cafe bene with a friend. He saw that we were not studying marketing. Haha! oops! 😛 After eating the gelato, we went back to the lobby and continued our chat because it was starting to rain already. Then, we went back to our room.:)

I also want to congratulate my groupmate and dearest friend Choongman. She also got accepted! 😀 =)))

I’am very happy for both of my friends will now work in Grand Hyatt Singapore. I’am a very proud friend.:D I will surely miss them but I know this kind of opportunity is best for them to grow into better hoteliers and better individuals. Everything is for the better.:D =)) ^^