Great news are coming! :D

Today, I received a message from my friend, Injun 였빠! :)) He got accepted to work in Grand Hyatt Singapore! wow! πŸ˜€Β μΆ•ν•˜ν•΄μš” 였빠!Β ^^ He was so happy that he treated us to cafe bene just in front of our dormitory. We went to eat gelato ice cream.:D mmm… λ„ˆλ¬΄ λ§›μžˆλ‹€! ^^

We had a very nice chat. I saw in his face how happy he was. It was the same feeling I got when I received the news that I got accepted to study in Jeonju University. I couldn’t believe it at first. I was having mixed emotions, I was happy, sad, excited and all. But I knew it was a blessing from God. πŸ˜€ =))

Then, YoungSang μ•„λΉ , Yong-ho 였빠, 어진 μ–Έλ‹ˆ came and joined our conversation.:P It was really a great news to celebrate! πŸ˜€ Then Professor Shim also came to cafe bene with a friend. He saw that we were not studying marketing. Haha! oops! πŸ˜› After eating the gelato, we went back to the lobby and continued our chat because it was starting to rain already. Then, we went back to our room.:)

I also want to congratulate my groupmate and dearest friend Choongman. She also got accepted! πŸ˜€ =)))

I’am very happy for both of my friends will now work in Grand Hyatt Singapore. I’am a very proud friend.:D I will surely miss them but I know this kind of opportunity is best for them to grow into better hoteliers and better individuals. Everything is for the better.:D =)) ^^