An Inspiring Message from the Grand Men of Hyatt :D

Today, we have no classes. As we arrived in our building (Hall for Regional Innovation), everyone seemed so busy. Everyone was running their own errands. Then I found out that today Sir Mike and Sir Robin from Grand Hyatt Singapore came to interview seniors from the Hotel department. We had an opportunity to talk with them when Professor Anh invited us to join their conversation. It was really nice meeting them. It was a blessing that we don’t have class and we don’t have anything to do.  I haven’t been in an interview so I am clueless to what usually happens during an interview. And i know that after my 2 semesters here in Jeonju, I will go back to Philippines then I will also have to undergo series of interview for my internship.:) It’s really making me nervous.

However, Sir Mike told us this, ” We don’t hire you because of your skills. Because you can learn those skills and we can teach you those skills. What we want to know is your personality. Tell us something that’s not written in your resume. Tell us something about yourself, your family.. because your personality is something we cannot teach you. We hire people who have patience, bright attitude and loves people and most importantly, people with passion. ” His message struck me. It’s natural to be nervous but you just have to be yourself when you face them. You don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not. Because the goodness in your heart will come out naturally.  It will shine. So, just smile. 😀 Never forget to smile.

The very short time we chat together, I get to realize a lot of things. Because, I don’t really have yet a clear plan of what to do after I graduate. Because I want to study and learn a lot of things. But their advice, I will call it as such, really gained me confidence in myself and made me want to do better. And somehow, it gave me an idea of what I want to become in the future. I always hear good things about Hyatt, but today, I find about these good things by myself (by having a conversation with people from Hyatt. 🙂


The seminar started at 2:30 pm. Sir Robin talked about Hyatt Singapore. Because Singapore is a mixture of different cultures,  he asked us how does people with different culture and language are working happily together? This question made me think of how important that we have good communication skills with the consideration of people having different backgrounds, beliefs culture and the like.

He also talked about Korean seniors who were having their internship in Singapore. He told us that when they went their, it was a culture shock. It was hard to communicate since English is the main language. It wasn’t easy but he has seen them grow. Others may be performing better but what’s important is they’ve all grown better.

I always want simple things in life. I seldom want great things. Because I believe that it’s what you do with these simple things that make them great. However, when Sir robin told us in his speech, “Everything is achieveable” I dreamt of being successful in this industry and become one of the best hoteliers.

It was Sir Mike’s turn to share his experiences (What i thought he would do) But, he wanted us to ask him questions. There was one person who asked about the Hotel’s system. Sir Mike answered, “The people are the system” In every hotel, in every industry and businesses, they are the system. They make up the whole industry or business.


Juyoung 오빠 asked, “What is the advantage of being in the F&B department.” Then Sir Mike drew an egg. He told us that an ordinary person can cook the egg in different ways. However, as part of the F&B department, we have to know and understand the method of cooking, temperature differences, weight and all. That is our advantage. We consider a lot of things. And we have to be knowledgeable so that when people ask us, we know what and how to answer. :))


Jolie 언니 also asked, “How do you get promoted?” He just said that we should be dedicated in our job.You have to have an eye for details. The work may be tiring but the whole family is working with you. He used the word family. 🙂


Then, winnie asked ” What is the most challenging experience you’ve encountered and how did you handle it?” Sir Mike said, ” That’s a very easy question. I didn’t have any challenge. When you love what you’re doing, if you have passion in what you do, you will not think of it as a challenge. Everyday is a challenge to survive. But you just have to handle it positively and be optimistic.

He also talked about making mistakes. Human make mistakes. It’s done and it cannot be undone. What’s important is the service recovery. He said that hoteliers are good actors. But we act sincerely. :)) HAHA! 😀 Then, before he finished his speech, he also mentioned about Korean slang. It was cute. “orange” and “orangee” ; “sandwich” and “sandwichi”:D which sometimes, I also notice. because some english words are the same in korean but it’s phonetic.  He was really funny when he mentioned that.:P ;))


I really had a great day today. Even though we didn’t have our classes today, we still learned a lot from Sir Mike and Sir Robin. They are really great and very inspiring. I hope i can be like them someday. I also want to be able to share my own experiences to others and inspire them the way they have inspired me.:)

Just now, I thought of asking them, “Why Hyatt? And what’s so special about Hyatt?”